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Pack 26 Pinewood Derby Rules

Car Dimensions:

Width: The maximum width of the car shall be 2 3/4 inches.

Length: The maximum length of the car shall be 7 inches.

Distance Between Axle Grooves:
The distance between the axle grooves or the wheelbase shall not be altered.

Width of Nose: The nose of the car shall have a flat area of 1/4 inch minimum. The flat area can be sanded to form a radius.

Width Between Wheels:
The minimum distance between the base of the wheels and the base of the car shall be 3/8 inch.

Weight: The maximum weight of the car shall be 5 ounces. The reading of the official scale shall determine the official weight.

Additional Materials:

Additional Materials including (but not limited to) weights, steering wheels, figurines, decorations, spoilers, fenders, kits, etc. (some of which are available at Loews) are allowed as long as the dimensional and weight requirements are met. All additional materials shall be permanently fastened to the car in a way that does not interfere with normal operation of the car, track, gates, or timing device. Moving parts attached to the car body (other than the wheels) are prohibited.

Weights must be solid and permanently fixed to the car. The must be flush with the bottom of the car or recessed if attached to the underneath of the car. Liquid weights and/or moveable weights shall not be allowed.

Dry Lubricants may be applied to the axle of the car. No other types of lubricants are allowed. Lubricants may be applied before registration or before racing begins in the staging area only. No lubricants should be brought into the building except to be given to the race officials. Once racing has begun for the racer’s category, lubrication shall not be allowed except as judged necessary by the race officials in the event of car damage.


Wheels and axles may not be modified in any way. Axles may be deburred and mold lines may be removed from the wheel surface. However, additional materials such as bearings, bushings, sleeves or hubcaps are strictly prohibited. Only the wheels and axles supplied in the Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kits shall be allowed. Note: It may be prudent to glue the axles in place once the construction of the car is complete to prevent the wheel from falling off during the course of a race.

Conduct of the Races:

Inspection Gages:
All inspection will be conducted by one team at a special inspection area using scales and gages approved by the Chairman. Note: Please be prepared to make adjustments to the car if necessary.

Impounding: Once the car has passed inspection and received its number sticker, the SCOUT will place his car on the table provided, and may not lubricate or otherwise improve that car until his racing is complete.

Car Handling Responsibility:
Scouts shall be responsible to stage their own cars at the starting line, to retrieve their cars at the finish line (after the race has been called) and return their cars to the pit after their heat is finished. If, in the opinion of the track chairman, a scout’s physical limitations prevent him from fully complying with this requirement, the scout may nominate an assistant of approximately the same age who serves subject to approval of the track chairman. In any case, the scout shall participate up to his limitations.

Lane Assignment: Lane assignment for each heat shall be determined by lot.

Car Repair:
If, during the race, a wheel falls off or the car becomes otherwise damaged, then the SCOUT may to the best of his ability perform repairs. The SCOUT may seek advice for repairing the car, but may receive no other assistance. If a car is damaged due to track fault or due to fault of another car or SCOUT, then the track chairman, at his sole discretion, may allow additional repair assistance.

Car Interference: If, during a race heat, a car leaves its lane and, in so doing, interferes with another racer, then the car at fault shall be declared to have lost the race heat.

Car Leaves Lane: If, during a race heat, a car leaves its lane but proceeds down the track in a manner that does not interfere with its opponent, then the race will be called normally.

Car Leaves Track:
If, during a race heat, a car leaves the track without interfering with its opponent, it shall be considered to have ended its heat at that point.

Track Fault: If a car leaves its lane, at his sole discretion, the track chairman may inspect the track and, if a track fault is found which probably caused the initial violation, the track chairman may order the race heat to be rerun after the track is repaired.

No Finishers: If, during a race heat, no car reaches the finish line on the track, the car which went the farthest in its lane shall be declared as the heat winner.

Call to Race:
Competitors will be called to race “by group”, i.e. racers who have comparable records. If a racer leaves the area and rejoins the group after it has started its heats, placement in line is at the track chairman’s discretion. Any scout missing a heat will have that heat scored as a loss.

Appeals: The Cub Scout must make all questions of rules interpretations, procedure and fact to the track officials promptly.

Track Champion: The top three finishers from each race category shall be accompanied, with their cars, from the track to the registration. The cars will be impounded until the start of the Pack Championship Race. Inspection, repair, and additional lubrication will be permitted just prior to the start of the Pack Championship Race.

Opponent Assignment:
Until the finals, Scouts will be grouped with others of similar record. When the group races, Scouts will be lined up and mixed as well as possible. The line will be raced in approximately that order with some minor rearrangement possibly resulting from the lane drawing procedure. (see “Example”)

No Call: If the winner of a heat cannot be declared by a majority of the judges (2 judges or 1 Judge and an automated finish line device), the track chairperson may order the heat to be re-run.


Cars that have been raced in previous years will not be accepted. Also, starting Devices and motorized cars shall not be allowed.